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THE AWAKENING is a novel oeuvre by NYCHOS that originated from profound experiences and processes, both in personal and artistic dimensions. It is a body of work that tells of suffering, insight, and healing, of falling apart and reassembling. As NYCHOS regenerates, his work does too.

The eponymous exhibition is dedicated to embedding this intense creative phase in the artist's oeuvre at large. The decision to include retrospective elements has a major component, as a closer look reveals the beginnings of this journey in earlier works. Additionally, outlooks into future artistic terrains are given by showing recent three-dimensional and digital works.

THE AWAKENING is an overall invitation to dive into the perspective of NYCHOS. The exhibition is constructed like a labyrinth. Gradually, the visitors are pulled into the deepest depths - the prizm - to be then thrust out into a room, where an immersive installation literally allows to get into the artist's skin. Further, augmented reality en- hances selected artworks including classic bronzes.

It is an invitation to experience the art of NYCHOS in a whole new way.

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